A Woman's View from the Street 6/16/20

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Tuesday Greetings!

You will note that we have posted our first webinar which is a two-part series on hiring and getting hired in a Covid-19 world. We are thrilled to have Hope Kahan lead this series for us. More information on the events may be found here. Please note that we will be charging a nominal fee to attend and, as always, our profits go to the Young Women’s Preparatory Network to support the life-changing work they do across Texas. The schools were featured in a recent Washington Post article that can be found here.

The positive thing about being in financial services is that many of our jobs are able to be done from a remote location. Certainly, working from home comes with its share of challenges especially for those with young children. This first article, from an author who has worked from home for 22 years, outlines her strategies for balancing productivity, health and well-being when you never leave your “office.” The full article can be foundhere.

The next article details a new way to approach the promotion / raise conversation. Conventional wisdom centered the conversation about convincing the boss that we were deserving of whatever it was we were asking for. New research notes that instead of focusing the conversation on ourselves, we need to do some digging to figure out how to tie our wants with our bosses needs. The full article can be found here.

For those on the hunt for a new opportunity, the next article also turns conventional wisdom on its head. The advice to ace a job interview has always been to figure out what the company wants and focus on that. New research shows that being authentic, namely being brave enough to express your own views, will land you a job more often than catering to a company’s wants. The full article can be found here.

Finally, the last article explores ways that we can all network when things we took for granted like conferences and meeting for coffee seem a long way off. The author notes strategies for building new relationships online and nurturing the ones you have. The full article can be found here. Speaking of networking, please do not forget that our TXWSW GROUP on LinkedIn is private. You can use that to reach out to your fellow members to network, ask for resources or job hunt. Please also feel free to post any useful information that you would like to share with our community.

I would ask each of you to consider corporate sponsorship of TXWSW. Benefits include attendance at our flagship events and recognition for your firm.  And most importantly, you help us support the life-changing work of the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. To learn more about YWPN, you can find a short video here.To learn more and sponsorship, you may find our sponsor information here. Additionally, we would be happy to create a custom sponsorship for you. Please contact Bianca King at developmentdirector@txwsw.com 

All my best to you and yours.

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