A Woman's View from the Street 5/13/19

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Celebrating our Limitless Leaders: today we honor Ashleigh White. Ashleigh is an Audit Senior Manager at KPMG, is Co-Chair of the Dallas Education Committee and a Junior Board member of TXWSW. Read more about why she gives back: http://txwsw.com/volunteer-spotlight-asheligh-white-limitless-leader/

To begin, the World Economic Forum published a piece written by Vijay Eswarm, Executive Chairman of QI Group of Companies. The title says it all: “The business case for diversity is now overwhelming.” The article notes that companies with diverse teams have almost double the average innovation revenue and Mr. Eswarm also singles out why women are so important to the workforce. Women are: 34% better at working out compromises; 34% more likely to be honest and ethical, 30% more likely to provide fair pay and benefits and finally they are 25% better at mentoring. The full article can be found here.

The backlash to the #MeToo movement has been for men to pull back from mentoring women. The HBR noted that this ill-considered response has little basis in reality. It seems false accusations of sexual harassment are about 2%, or the same as any other crime. To quote from the article “aside from being biased, this reaction is also shortsighted: Repercussions of depriving female employees of the counseling, developmental opportunities, exposure, and visibility that come from mentoring relationships have serious consequences for the future of the organization.” The full article can be found here.

Finally, it seems that the Princeton Endowment is finally beginning to work towards adding diversity to its manager line-up. While women now earn over 60% of all bachelor’s degrees, the pipeline of women and minorities begins to narrow in finance courses; tightens in business school and all but shuts off in investing. In the $69 trillion investment industry, firms run by women manage just 1.3% of those assets. The full article can be found here.

You may notice a new addition to our homepage. We have created the Limitless jewelry line to both inspire women and help us in our philanthropy mission of supporting the Young Women’s Preparatory network. Proceeds from the purchase of the Limitless charm go directly to the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. Designed for us by one of the nation’s preeminent jewelry manufacturers, this beautiful, inspirational charm comes in both silver and 14 carat gold and can be worn every day on a bracelet or necklace. Please help us support these deserving students while inspiring all the wonderful women in your life.

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