A Woman's View from the Street 12/10/19

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Celebrating our Limitless Leaders: today we honor Mariko Boswell. Mariko is Executive Vice President of PIMCO and a TXWSW Education Committee Member. Read more about why she gives back: https://txwsw.com/volunteer-spotlight-mariko-boswell-limitless-leader/

A recent Harvard Business Review article noted a study (and a book) that debunks the stereotype of women bullying other women in the workplace. To quote from the article: “We believe the answer lies in a fundamental misunderstanding of why women sometimes have fraught work relationships with other women. It’s not because they have some unique, female psychological characteristic, it’s because of workplace discrimination. Workplaces are gendered when they are led and dominated by men and operated in accordance with masculine norms, values, and expectations. In such workplaces, two powerful — if implicit or unconscious — biases can lead women into antagonistic relationships: affinity bias and gender bias.” I just love it when a derogatory myth bites the dust. The full article can be found here.

The next article is actually a podcast from the Harvard Business Review. The title says it all: When You Work in a Male-Dominated Industry. It is aimed at female engineers, but there are parallels with working in finance and it is worth a listen. The podcast can be found here.

Wall Street has made an effort to address its lack of diversity and must provide reporting to the federal government on its progress. When the Washington Post asked the 15 largest US banks to share the data with them, only two big banks complied. The article notes that at best these banks are treading water with respect to progress on the issue. The full article can be found here.

On the topic of the glacial pace of change for women in finance, Pitchbook has created the VC Female Founders dashboard to monitor women’s progress in the venture industry that I wanted to share with you. 2018 did see a rise in the creation of women-lead funds which is a start. The dashboard can be found here.

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