A Woman’s View from the Street 1/26/21

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I have written before on the toll the pandemic has taken on women’s careers, and the “she-cession” that it has created. It would be easy to look at the unemployment data and assume that mostly lower income women have been affected since that is the majority of folks who have lost their jobs. A recent Bloomberg article notes that 61% of affluent US women believe the pandemic has hurt their careers with 40% reporting both pay raises and promotions on hold because they have had to assume childcare responsibilities. While working from home has brought some work-life balance benefits, overall Covid-19 will be a big set-back for women’s careers and earning power. The full article can be found here.

A recent Wall Street Journal article details proactive steps we can all take to prepare for performance reviews. In a virtual environment it is more important than ever to work with your manager to both set goals and give frequent updates on your progress. Working from home can have the tree falling in the forest effect. If no one is aware of your productivity, does it count? The full article can be found here.

One of the other casualties of the pandemic has been the Chief Diversity Officer. Back in March, CDOs were being terminated at twice the rate of other jobs. After the Black Lives Matter movement, there was a surge in hiring for these posts, but the next article notes that changes to the role and institutional buy-in for the diversity mission are essential for success. Instead of it being a siloed role, each business unit needs to have both a budget allocated towards diversity efforts as well as performance milestones. No one can be successful in a vacuum and this effort is no exception. The full article can be found here.

Our events this year will be interactive and include a networking component which means a chance to interact with both our amazing speakers as well as each other! I am also thrilled that we will be hosting Michele Smith, RYT for her coveted Resiliency Training Workshop because resilience is something we all need. We are also excited to host the founder of Downward Dog Wines who will share her entrepreneurial journey and lead us in a tasting of her delicious product. Check out our site for more details.

I would ask each of you to consider corporate sponsorship of TXWSW. Benefits include attendance at our flagship events and recognition for your firm.  And most importantly, you help us support the life-changing work of the Young Women’s Preparatory Network. To learn more about YWPN, you can find a short video here. To learn more and sponsorship, you may find our sponsor information here. Additionally, we would be happy to create a custom sponsorship for you. Please contact Bianca King at developmentdirector@txwsw.com

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