Weekly Newsletter – June 17th, 2013

Happy Monday!
There was a brilliant article this weekend that is my must read for the week – Messages Galore, But No Time to Think – to me, one of the most powerful quotes in the article was “Nobody can think anymore because they are constantly interrupted.” I was in a presentation with the fund manager I am working with, and they noted that one of the things they committed to as a partnership is that during all meetings, their cell phones are off. On the surface, this would seem to be common sense, but when I thought about it, how many meetings have I been in over the years where I and other meeting participants were stealthily checking our messages? The conclusion of the article was to never forget the value of face to face or voice to voice communication “An actual unrehearsed conversation – requiring sustained attention and spontaneous reactions – may be old fashioned, but it just might turn up something new!” And I would add is the way to deepening friendships and other relationships.
Many thanks to all who attended the brunch in Austin on Sunday. It was very relaxing, and a pleasure to spend time with you all! I would also like to give huge thanks to both Haynes and Boone and Andrews Kurth for hosting TXWSW for the Fall Casino Nights. Please help us get the word out – sign up today for early bird pricing and please consider becoming a sponsor. To learn more, please email info@txwsw.com and we will send you an information package!
We are in the process of revamping our website and need your help! We are looking for member testimonials and would love to hear from YOU! Let us know how TXWSW has served you. We would love to hear your thoughts, and be able to share them with prospective members! Please email us at info@txwsw.com to participate!
See you all at an event soon!
Kind regards,
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