Sherrie English


Sherrie English

Certified Professional Coach


Sherrie English started in the investment industry in 1986, working at such firms as EF Hutton, Nuveen, AIM, and Merrill Lynch Private Banking and Investment Group.   With over 3 decades of experience in financial services, private equity, and hedge funds, she has been recognized for outstanding sales and leadership. One of the first women in the industry to reach $3 Billion in sales, she has served on the Advisory Committee at several investment companies and been named a Director and Global Partner for her efforts.

Her expansion into coaching and consulting grew out of her natural ability to help others reach their goals. A lifetime of experience and participation with thousands of professionals and teams has informed her approach and allowed her to recognize and help implement the pathways that lead to success for her clients. She gives real world strategies to deal with real world issues… Helping them clarify their goals, and untying the knots that keep them from getting what they want.

Sherrie’s coaching is for every professional, but her women clients consistently express frustrations that the men don’t voice. The question of how to handle the multiple roles that women face as professionals while doing the “juggling, plate spinning, hat wearing” led her to create the workshop, “Climbing the Ladder in a Skirt”. It’s an interactive look at the choices we make, and how we respond to the challenges of being a professional woman, while using logic, humor, and soft-skills to make conscious actions and reactions.

An honor graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Sherrie was named Outstanding Woman in Communications. She has been certified as a professional coach, in investment management and exit strategies, as well as in financial planning and energy leadership assessment. She was the founding Executive Director of the CC4C charity, which helps children with rare and hard to diagnosis conditions, where she currently serves on the board. She lives in Austin with her wonderful husband, Brian Spencer, and has two beautiful children, Alayna and Carter, who are rapidly finding their own way in the world. She enjoys traveling, cooking, yoga, cycling, and friends who are family, and family who are friends.