Catharine C. Burkett  

Catharine C. Burkett                                                           

Vice President, Director of Private Investments, Atlanta

Ms. Burkett joined LCG in 2013 and is Vice President, Director of Private Investments. Her responsibilities include private investments research as well as due diligence and collaborating with clients to implement their private investment allocations.

Prior to joining LCG, Catharine was a founding Co-Director of Alternative Investments for the Retirement Systems of the State of Georgia. In that capacity, she led and created the initial private equity investment infrastructure. Previously, Catharine was a Principal at Camden Partners, which she joined to build out Camden Private Capital as a diversified private equity fund of funds.

Before working at Camden, Catharine was Director of Private Investments at Spider Management Company, the University of Richmond, where she managed the University’s portfolio of investment funds for real assets as well as venture capital and private equity funds.

During the 1990′s, Catharine held positions at the Sherman Fairchild Foundation, The Overseas Private Investment Company, Duke University Management Company, CIT Equity Investments, and Rogers Casey & Associates (now Segal Rogerscasey). She started her career at The Hillman Company, Pittsburgh.

Catharine has a BA from Queens College, Charlotte, N.C. and an MBA from Xavier University, Cincinnati, O.H. She has served on the Board of Advisors for a number of private equity and venture capital funds.